Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Epiphone v Gibson PART II

Haha. I knew this would happen eventually.

The "e" on my Epiphone's pickguard came off for the second time a few days ago, and it's come loose again.

It's a very common problem with the Dot in particular, and I saw it happen a lot when I was reading reviews and trying to decide which guitar to buy.

Well, personally I like the 'e'; although I know some people rip it off so their Dots will look more like ES 335s, but I don't get that. An Epiphone is an Epiphone, why try to make it look like something it isn't? I wanted the Epiphone more than the Gibson, same reason I want the Edwards/Grassroots more than the ESP.

Here's a long-winded explanation why:
You see, one day, while I was wandering around looking for a good coat last autumn, I ended up in a nice, rather swanky part of town. And in this part of town were nice cars. Very nice cars.
I turned a corner and there was a black Alfa Romeo Spider 1 turning the corner badly. Very badly.

Do you know why? There were learner plates on the thing.
Learner plates. On an Alfa.
ON an Alfa.
On an ALFA.
It's... just... why... you... just...
There are no words.

I know, I know, if you have the money, if you want it, just do it.
Which is fair enough...but...
Frankly, knowing that I'm not very good and buying a guitar is one thing, but knowing I'm not very good and buying an extremely expensive, rare, beautiful guitar is another.
I feel like I can't do it justice.

It's like buying a $50,000 Steinway Grand Piano when you can only play Greensleeves.
Or driving an Alfa Romeo Spider 1 when you're on your learner's license.
It's a waste of a beautiful thing.

I like the Dot. I like that I can't really play all that well, and sometimes it does that annoying buzzing thing when I don't bar properly. And I like knowing that the same thing would happen on the Gibson anyway, because it's all down to how I play it.

The instrument is only an instrument. If you're no good, no great instrument is going to make you any better. Trying to compensate with a great instrument is futile.
"Great artists can make beautiful art with even the worst of tools."
My dad told me that when I used to blame my violin (it was actually total shit though).

The Dot is good enough for me. One day, when I get really good, I might upgrade. But who knows? I like the Dot. It's very unassuming. It does its things quietly, without trying to live up to its older brother.
I'm quite proud it's a Dot, and not an ES 335.

Which is why my Dot is lying on my bed, with it's 'e' glued back on, and two books on it to try and flatten the damn thing because it keeps coming off on one end or another. (I switched to some binder clips because the books weren't working)

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