Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To Create Good Memories...

I want to do something special for my birthday this year.

I'll have a few weeks break around June - July, and my birthday is the weekend of the first week back at uni.
I'm thinking of going overseas. But I'm not sure what to do...
  1. Dreamworld, waterfront hotels and smoking on beaches at night in Australia.
  2. Working, saving, ESPs and poetic justice with PS Company Tour 2011 in Japan. (mid-July)
  3. Midnight flights after exams, long-admired basses and Plastic Tree Summer Tour 2011 in Japan. (22 June)
  4. Reliving things, shopping and awkward situations in China.
  5. Redoing things properly, family and Chinatown in SF/LA in California.
  6. New things, photography and cabs in New York.
  7. Squandering time and money, meeting friends and smoking on beaches at night in Wellington, NZ.
  8. Wasting money, "living it up while you can" and spinning statues in Auckland, NZ.
Or... no travelling??
  1. Hotel room with all-night-long-movie-marathon and room service in the morning with friends.
  2. Drinking and clubbing and losing my mind.
  3. Practicing music until my fingers bleed and I can't feel these bones anymore.

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