Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Falling But I Can't Decide Which Way

I want to reinvent myself again. To hide behind another name.

Sometimes being alone messes with your sensibilities.
But being with others messes with your sense of what you are and who you want to be.
To what end do I want to be who I think I am?

It's that vague feeling of, I'm not quite fine and the world isn't all great - but hey, what's the name of that problem and why is it here at all?

I've broken two picks and I've broken my skin.

I want to record my youth in the sounds of piano keys.
With the notes of the one and only song I can (and want to) play.

If I push the sustain, maybe I can make things last longer here too.

I want a purpose and I think I know what it is.
But it's all down to me and I can't remember who I want you to be.

Let's sit inside while it rains and play until our bones break apart
Only, I can't quite see who you are in this dream and maybe you're not there at all.

But I guess it's ok, if I could switch "normal" off and on.

Find me so I can lose myself.

Aoi / The Gazette

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