Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How Levni Yilmaz Does It

Ok, so I've spent the greater part of my day watching his videos on youtube and I'm pretty sure I know how he does it. I think.

My theory goes like this:
  • He draws on a sheet of tracing paper which is on a pane of glass.
  • The pencil or marker he uses is dark enough to show through the tracing paper.
  • A camera is set up on the other side of the pane of glass and records the reverse side of what he draws - that's how you can see his hand behind the picture.
The part that bugged me about this was the fact that the camera would record the reverse of everything he wrote. Which wouldn't be so hard in just picture form, but did he really learn to write backwards like that??

No. When you edit the video, you can mirror it. That turns everything back the right way.

So basically, he draws and we see exactly what he draws, the right way round, only we never really see his hand.

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