Thursday, August 18, 2011

Losing Yourself (But Not In A Romantic Love Song Sort Of Way)

It's not as if "oh, the world sucks."
It's not like "god, I hate my life."
It's a little more like a little plaintive murmur
"it's a little less right than I thought it would be."

Days go past and hours fly by
Measured by unattended places
and "it's all getting harder".

Expectations make the world go round
But you disappoint me
and I'm sure if you knew me
I would disappoint you.

Such words that fall
but there is no sword
no strength, no will

Measure your youth in misguided actions
In misunderstood phrases
be a stereotype
no, stand out.

Fall back on what you have
On your lips, "I'm aiming for more"
But nothing's been done
and you're just an act.

Don't lose it.
What gives you drive
Don't be comfortable.
Don't forget it.

What makes you , you.
What makes the stars in your eyes
light up with hope
And see a future, that's only for you.

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