Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Silly Stories I Told A Boy

Boy: *something along the lines of "Hahah, what are you planning to do tonight, work on your accounting assignment?"*

Me: Oh dude, you have no idea. I'm going to go base jumping off the business school, then play lead guitar in my slipknot tribute band. After that I'll head over to a boyracer shindig and drift around some corners at stupid speeds because I'm Asian like that.

-Two Days Later-

Boy: *hahah same thing as last time*

Me: Not working on assignment tonight, I got my pilot's license today, and a family friend is teaching me how to fly a US fighter jet because he owes my grandfather a favor.

Boy: *...wow r u serious. That's actually like the coolest thing I've ever heard ae. U must be stoked to have that license. well done. So when wil u get to fly the first jet?

Me: I'm not allowed to fly commericial jets you see, with my inability to stay awake for long haul flights. I mostly test light recon aircraft for countries you're not supposed to know about. They pay well. Lots of oil.

Boy: oh so do u work there as like a summer job or like is it not really work. It sounds pretty interesting ae.

Me: Why do you think I'm always skipping class and falling asleep? haha.

Boy: I didn't no that u skipped class. U must be exceptionally smart to skip class and do al th hard papers that u do ae.

Me: I'm the result of a collaboration of US and Chinese military intelligence. They made me in a lab in Russia. I can recite pi to 7000 places.

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